SEEDLIP Garden 108 Non-Alcoholic Spirit


Seedlip is a company that’s trying to solve the question we often ask: what should you drink when you’re not drinking?

Those who are sober-curious are often faced with a choice of pop, juice, water, or other options. None of these options are very exciting. That’s where non-alcoholic spirits come in.

These types of drinks let anyone who’s exploring sobriety enjoy a nice cocktail. This is a herbal tasting spirit that’s deliciously refreshing.

The Garden 108 Non-Alcoholic Spirit is reminiscent of the English countryside; it’s a floral blend of Peas & Hay with a traditional garden herb distillate. It blends delicious natural ingredients; water, natural botanical distillates & extracts like peas, hay, spearmint, rosemary, thyme and hops. It tastes great over ice with tonic water and herbal garnishes like sugar snap peas or sprigs of mint.

This spirit is non-alcoholic, it has no calories, it’s free of sweetener, sugar-free, and it doesn’t contain any artificial flavours. Seedlip also boasts an eco-friendly gifting range, sustainable packaging, and carbon neutral delivery.

Garden 108 is named after the number of days it takes to grow its main ingredient; peas. Made with botanicals distilled in copper pots, Seedlip Garden 108 has a delicious herbal flavour profile. It’s a great base for a variety of drinks; enjoy it as a Garden & Tonic, Garden Sour, Garden Booch, or Garden Toddy.

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