MONDAY Zero Alcohol Gin Non Alcoholic Spirit


This gin is well-named; what does everyone need to survive Mondays? A good drink to relax with.

The unfortunate part of drinking is that it’s not good for you; drinks are typically high in calories, sugar, not to mention the damage that alcohol does to your liver and other organs.

If you’re looking to slow your drinking, or quit completely, but you still enjoy a gin drink, this zero alcohol gin is perfect. It’s a great substitute – gluten free, vegan, no calories, alcohol free, and kosher. The beautifully decorated green and gold label leaves a lasting impression.

The zero alcohol gin non alcoholic spirit mimics real gin perfectly; a strong flavour with strong botanicals, citrus, and spice. Swap it for real gin in your cocktail and enjoy a guilt free drink. Gin makes for a great base in any cocktail; as it’s a clear liquor, it can be mixed with many different drinks, yet it maintains a unique flavour.

It has all the punch of a London dry gin without the alcohol. It’s recipe includes many organic ingredients: spring water, monk fruit extract, natural flavors, natural juniper extract, natural coriander seed extract, and natural cucumber extract. No carbohydrates, no calories, no sugar, but still all of the flavour.

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