FLUÈRE – Floral Blend, Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit with Juniper


Fluere has made a perfect gin replica with their non-alcoholic juniper and floral blend distilled spirit. This drink is a tasty way to cap off your day, as it has a delicious flavour without any of the usual sugars, artificial flavouring, and extra calories. Its flavour bursts onto the scene with specifically selected botanicals that give a strong yet balanced taste.

The botanicals also help give it a strong punch that alcoholic drinks typically have. Flavours of juniper and lime peel add a bright flavour while its herbal notes are sourced from lavender and coriander.

If you’re trying to make a nice virgin Gin and tonic, Fluere is a great choice. Pour Fluere Non-Alcoholic Spirit with Juniper over ice and top with tonic and you’ll have a delicious mocktail. You can enjoy many of these without guilt as Fluere’s Non-Alcoholic gin is gluten free, vegan friendly, kosher, low in calories.

Fluere carefully distills their botanicals, spices, and fruits individually using a process called hydro steam distillation to extract the best taste. These essential oils that are derived as a result create the best taste and hold a great kick that’s hard to replicate. Pour a Fluere Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit with Juniper into your glass and enjoy a drink with no regrets.

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