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What is Non Alcoholic Beer, and Why Should YOU be Interested?


Non Alcoholic Beer and Why YOU Should be Interested

Non alcoholic beer is a brew designed to taste just like regular beer, without adding on the effects of intoxication. Despite the name “Non alcoholic beer”, this does not mean that it’s a 100% alcohol free beer. It has very little alcohol in it, topping out at 0.05% APV (Alcohol by Volume) per container.

More people become concerned about their health every day and ease their worries by changing some of their unhealthier habits. This self-improvement movement has shined the spotlight on non alcoholic drinks, which have become super popular in Europe and London.

This has people everywhere asking, “what is a non alcoholic beer, and why should I be interested?”

How is Non Alcoholic Beer Made?

Non alcoholic or low alcohol beers are brewed the same way as regular beers, except for one small detail. Brewers will heat the non alcoholic beer, causing the majority of alcohol to evaporate with the heat. This is why all alcohol free beer actually possesses a tiny amount of alcohol.

Why Drink Non Alcoholic Beer?

You might’ve seen a few six-packs of non alcoholic or low alcohol beers at your local grocery store and wondered, “why would anyone want to buy that?”

We’ve answered that question for you!

Unlike regular beer and alcoholic beverages, non alcoholic beer has many pros and little cons. There are many benefits to drinking a non alcoholic beer ranging from your health to your diet, your social status, and of course, your wallet.

Are you a health nut AND a beer lover?

Face it. It can be so challenging to love beer and live a healthy lifestyle.

Luckily, non alcoholic beer has less alcohol units compared to regular beer. UK Chief Medical Officers’ (CMO) low-risk drinking guidelines recommend that non alcoholic beer could play a role in reducing the amount of alcohol you consume so that you could you could stay within the recommended limits to avoid future health problems. Don’t drink every day, and don’t drink an excessive amount. Always drink responsibly.

Counting Calories

The most significant health benefit for non alcoholic beer is that it’s lower in calories than a regular beer. Lowering the intact of alcohol reduces the calorie count, which means that someone with a healthy lifestyle can still relax and have a beer.

Don’t be the Odd One Out

When you’re out with friends, it’s easy to feel out of place when you’re the only one that’s not drinking.

Especially when your friends point it out!

You don’t have to feel like the odd one out anymore! With an alcohol free beer in your hand, you’ll fit in with the crowd. Its packaging is designed to resemble any ordinary beer company, which means that no one will look twice if they see that in your hand. Let them get bloated and foolish while you relax the night away.

Frequently Asked Questions about Non Alcoholic Beer

You’ve heard the benefits and know all the facts, so now you’re interested in trying non alcoholic beer. BUT you’ve still got a ton of questions that need to be answered like:

Why does it contain alcohol if the name is “alcohol free”? Will it make me fat? Will I get a hangover? Will it give me a headache?

Don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

We’ve already answered some of our frequently asked questions about low alcohol beer.

Why does it Contain A Small Amount of Alcohol?

We’ve explained the differences in brewing techniques between regular beer and low alcohol beer, which is merely overheating the beer until the alcohol evaporates from the brew.

However, this process does not remove all the alcohol, and unfortunately, there isn’t a brewing technique that can accomplish this. For the beer to properly form, it must have a small trace of alcohol (under 0.05%). However, this alcohol by volume (ABV) is so low that it’s improbable that you will become intoxicated.

Will Non Alcoholic Beer make you fat?

Weight gain and weight loss depend on the individual. Some switch over to non alcohol beer as a replacement for regular beer, which results in a lower calorie intact and eventual weight loss. However, non alcoholic beer still possesses calories, making the individual gain weight if they are not pairing it with proper diet and exercise.

Will you get a hangover from non alcoholic beer?

Have you ever woken up after a night of drinking? If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky. If you have, read closely as we explain the best part about low alcohol beer. There are no hangovers! As long as you have a beer with a 0.05% AVB and keep yourself hydrated, you should be fine. No more waking up nauseous, swearing to never touch alcohol again – with alcohol free beer, you can start your day right.

Will non alcoholic beer give you a headache?

While alcohol is known to give you a pounding headache, it cannot be said about low alcohol beer. Unfortunately, depending on the individual and how much they drink, it can cause a headache. This is usually due to a large amount of sugar within the drink and dehydration. The best way to avoid this headache is moderation and dehydration.

Will non alcoholic beer cause gout?

Yes and no.

Just like weight loss, gout is up to the individual. If you drink in moderation and pair it with a healthy diet and exercise, non alcohol or low alcohol will likely not cause gout. However, if you’re drinking an excessive amount, every day, this has the potential to irritate your gout.

So yes, you may be able to drink non alcoholic beer when you have gout, but you have to make sure not to have too many. This does not constitute as medical advice and always check with your physician before proceeding.

Should you drink Non Alcoholic if you’re alcohol dependent?

While low alcohol drinks are an excellent alternative for regular beer, it is not recommended for people who are alcohol dependent. It possesses a small amount of alcohol, which may ruin their sobriety. An alcohol free beer so closely resembles the taste and act of drinking alcohol that it can push recovering alcoholics to return to their old habits or relapse.

We do not want this! Stay the course, and keep trying!

Whether it comes to making better decisions for your health, lifestyle, and finances, non alcoholic beer is the way to go. With so many benefits and so little risk, it’s easy to see why low alcohol beer is a new and upcoming trend in the United States.

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