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Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Good for Those with Alcoholism or in Recovery from Alcoholism?


Non alcoholic beer, also known as low alcohol beer, is a beverage made with little or no alcohol content. It is made so that the drinker can experience the taste of beer or other alcoholic beverages without the inebriating effects that regular alcohol can cause.

Those who struggle with alcoholism or who are in recovery from alcoholism should be avoiding alcohol free beer for a variety of reasons, as the cons may outweigh the benefits.

In this blog post, you will learn why some decide to try non alcoholic beers and why those with alcoholism, or those in recovery from alcoholism, should refrain from drinking these beverages.


There are a number of reasons why people partake in alcohol free beer products. The first is that they may be concerned with the detrimental health effects associated with drinking alcohol. Many people do not like how alcoholic makes them feel and the associated hang overs that come after a night of drinking.

Furthermore, non alcoholic drinks are considered to be healthier than the alcoholic counterparts as the former usually contains fewer calories.

Another main reason, and the focus of today’s blog, is that many who are trying to wean themselves off of alcohol will drink this to help them have the experience of drinking without the dangerous side effects. Or they may consume these non alcoholic drinks as a way of maintaining sobriety, viewing it as a safer and healthier replacement to alcohol.

But, why is this a dangerous practice those with alcoholism or recovering from alcoholism?


To begin, as stated in the definition, non alcoholic doesn’t always mean alcohol free. Different countries and regions have different definitions when it comes to non alcoholic beers. While there are a few completely alcohol free beers available for purchase, most still contain a small percent of alcohol.

Because there is a small amount of alcohol present in these drinks, there is a possibility that these drinks could serve as a reintroduction to alcohol. Non alcoholic drinks are not expected to result in inebriation if consumed in normal amounts. However, there could be a subconscious desire to feel the effects of alcohol, which may lead to seeking out alcoholic drinks down the line.

Secondly, the thrill of drinking even an alcohol free beer could become a slippery slope that leads back into drinking alcoholic beverages. This because the taste is really similar to that of traditional beers and other beverages. The smell and taste may be enough to trigger a relapse in some individuals as it could bring the person back to a period before recovery. A time where alcohol was the main driving factor in life.

It doesn’t help that the packaging for non alcoholic drinks are almost identical to the alcoholic counterparts. The taste has also improved over the years due to consumer demand, so much so that some non alcoholic beers taste better than the alcoholic counterparts.

This could conjure up the same feelings and reignite the same behavior patterns that were associated with drinking.

Lastly, addiction to the act of drinking is a huge problem for those with alcoholism and those in recovery from alcoholism. Drinking these non alcoholic beers could potentially lead to severe binge drinking behaviors that can cause the drinker to slip back into the grasps of alcoholism. It can also lead to developing the same attitudes and behaviors as seen with drinking the alcohol versions of these drinks.

In Summary

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why drinking alcohol free beer can cause relapses for those recovering from alcoholism and can lead to a number of continued problems for those already struggling with alcoholism.

It is recommended that those with alcoholism and those who are recovering from alcoholism steer clear from non alcoholic beers in order to maintain their sobriety and break dangerous habits.

If you have alcoholism, are in recovery from alcoholism, have a problem with drinking, or simply someone looking to learn more about the safety of non alcoholic beers, consult your physician to find out what would be best for you. Seek a medical professional to see if non alcoholic beverages are right for you.

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